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Styrofoam Sheets for Candelabra and Candle Lighting Board Bases

If you are having difficulty locating sheets of Styrofoam for your Candelabras & Candle Lighting Boards, click on the links below for the correct size to build your base. Let us know if you have any questions – 407-205-8115
The proper length for the 1st tier of the candelabra is approx. 36″ long
The proper length for the 2nd tier of the candelabra is approx. 24″ long
2″ thick Styrofoam works best. If you don’t have access to 2″ thick foam, you can glue two 1″ thick pieces of Styrofoam together to create a 2″ thickness. | Copyright 2020 Styrofoam Letters | Styrofoam Names | Styrofoam Numbers | Styrofoam Shapes by | Powered by