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Prom Decorations

Welcome to Prom Decorations where you can PERSONALIZE your PROM with custom cut styrofoam prom decorations!

At we understand that every school does not have the budget for the over the top prom decorations.  That’s where we come in. Our styrofoam centerpieces are DIY (Do it yourself) and are reasonably priced so students can create beautiful centerpieces. is the leader in custom cutting styrofoam letters, names, shapes and numbers for proms and other special events.  Our goal is to help you personalize your prom.  Try using our script styrofoam letters to incorporate your school’s name or maybe the name of your athletes.  Whether you’re the Mariners or the Tigers, adding a personalized touch let’s your students know that you took the extra time to think of them.

Or… if you have a prom “theme”  like Paris or Mardi Gras, there are hundreds of shapes and letters to choose from.  We can even reproduce a shape from a jpeg you send us.  It’s that easy! [contact-us] | Copyright 2020 Styrofoam Letters | Styrofoam Names | Styrofoam Numbers | Styrofoam Shapes by | Powered by