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Photo Name or Word Collage Cutouts

Photo Name Cutouts are cut from foamboard with a photo finish and are a unique idea if you’d like to incorporate photos into a name or word you’d like cut out by  You supply the photos and we do the rest.  All you have to do is send us a jpeg of each photo you’d like to use for each letter and we’ll incorporate it into your custom cut photo name cut out.

Photo Cutouts can  be either a name or a word.  Maybe you have a sport that you’d like to spell the word soccer and have all soccer photos or your child or maybe your child is a dancer and you’d like her dancing photos. These are unique and can be used in centerpieces, sign in boards or home room decor.  We are only limited by your imagination.

Custom Photo Name or Word Collage Cut Outs are two layers of foamboard to give a 3-D look.

Font and positioning of photos for each letter is determined by depending upon the photos.  We suggest sending us 2 photos for every letter of the name you are ordering so we have plenty to choose from.  Some photos work better than others with the shape of the letters.  Getting the face in the letter can be tricky, and all photos may not work.  It is suggested that each photo sent has the person located somewhere in the middle of the photo.  If they are off to the left or to the right, they may not center in the letter properly.  All photos must be send as a jpeg.  No original photos are used for this application.

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