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Paint and Glitter Styrofoam

We can professionally paint and glitter your styrofoam for you or you can DIY (Do-it-Yourself),  If you’re not artistic or you don’t have time, nor the paint or glitter, can professionally decorate your styrofoam,  Having us paint and glitter your styrofoam will save you time from going to the store and can save you money, since you won’t have to buy excess paint and glitter.

custom cut styrofoam shapes, names, letters and numbersContact us for pricing information on painting and glittering shapes, name, letters and numbers.

If you choose to order your shapes/names/words unfinished… when decorating your styrofoam shape you receive from us;  we highly recommend that you either glitter your shape or paint it.

If you decide to paint your styrofoam shape, we ONLY recommend acrylic craft paint or latex paint. DO NOT use spray paint, it will melt the styrofoam and you could compromise the shape of the foam.

You should paint your shape with a spongey paint brush and the small bottles of acrylic paint you can get at any craft store.

If you’ve decided to glitter your shape after you paint it, use a heavy white glue like Elmers, Sobo or Aileen’s – coat front of the styrofoam and then lay the glitter over the glue and shake off any excess | Copyright 2015 Styrofoam Letters | Styrofoam Names | Styrofoam Numbers | Styrofoam Shapes by | Powered by