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DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Whether you’re planning a wedding, bridal shower, bachelorette or anniversay party, shapes, letters and names can make your DIY centerpieces look awesome.  Not only does the DIY bride to be or the bridal party save money, but your centerpieces will be so unique because they are personalized.

If you have chosen to have a florist create your centerpieces, consider personalizing them with – You could add so many different shapes or you could add custom cut names of the bride and groom.  Or how about the words ” I DO”.  Many of our brides purchase our 10″  “I DO” letters for their photography session.  They are absolutely adorable and are a huge hit in the wedding pics.  Even an idea of using the bride and groom’s initials on the door to the church or at the reception could be a huge hit.’s wedding shapes are extremely tasteful.  If you have a theme, they help carry out the theme.  Suppose your theme is carousel horses….   with our shapes there would be no question what the these of the wedding is.  No mantter how unusual your theme is, can help.  Let us know what you’d like to create for your special day :)  [contact-form] | Copyright 2020 Styrofoam Letters | Styrofoam Names | Styrofoam Numbers | Styrofoam Shapes by | Powered by